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Paulin Poucouta, God’s Word in Africa

"La Parole de Dieu" visite l’Afrique anglophone avec le livre du Pr. Paulin Poucouta, God’s Word in Africa. A découvrir dans les nouveautés du Fonds de documentation AT du CEAF&RI.

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Paulin Poucouta est professeur de Bible à l’Institut Catholique de Yaoundé et membre-chercheur au CEAF&RI.

Paulin Poucouta, God’s Word in Africa. Preface Albertine Tshibilondi Ngoyi, traduction par Silvano Borruso, Nairobi, Éditions Paulines, 2015, 222 p.

(Original title :: Quand la Parole de Dieu visite l’Afrique. Lectures plurielles de la Bible. Préface de Albertine Tshibilondi Ngoyi, Paris Karthala, 2011).


"What the Bible does is to remind us God’s interventions registered in scripture. This meetings are always beginning of multiform adeventures between God and Man. Year after year we try, in different ways, to articulate the fritfulness of the visits that the Logos pays to men and women in continent". (Extrait livre)

"Cleary written, this work is a vibrant tribute to men and women whose works testfy to their efforts to delve into the Word of God. Cast to the winds, it moves and acts everywhere. It is the point of a fruitful meeting, of new solidarities, of potentialities and of a new future. We desire the good Wind of the Spirit for the many who are thirsty for the Word of life". (Preface)

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